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The global supply chain is broken.  Because COVID-19 brought this issue to the forefront, many assume the pandemic is the reason for the collapse.  It is not.  Instead, four MaxTrends® are largely responsible for the transformations already underway.  Transforming the Global Supply Chain describes these MaxTrends® in detail – the growing presence of cyber threats; the revolutionary impact of 3-D printing; the rapid adoption of robotics; and the new ways nations everywhere are seeking to protect their domestic economies from foreign competitors.


For many reasons, the biggest casualty over the next five years will be China. Some companies are already beginning the process to move their supply chains out of China to other locations in Southeast Asia, India and the Americas. Those U.S. companies which are aggressively reacting to economic and political pressures by reshoring their supply chains back into America are poised to be the most successful over the long run.


Transforming the Global Supply Chain contains practical advice and strategies for CEOs, board of directors, senior managers, and anyone else directly involved in supply chain activities.  The MaxTrends® are happening, and the risks of doing nothing about them are high.  One thing is clear – the world economy as we once knew it will never return.  The challenge now is for U.S. companies to figure out how to adapt to the quickly changing landscape. 

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Anyone curious on how, in just four decades, we seemingly lost our ability to conceive, produce and safely distribute the physical and digital products we need in our daily lives in the US itself should read this book. The table of contents reads like a course curriculum at Harvard Business School.

Todd R.,
Amazon reviewer

Praise & Reviews

Dennis Unkovic's book is gripping, original in its focus and will educate every reader. He has compiled a vast array of extraordinary and compelling opinions that provoke thought and also anger and inspire. It is an intellectual oasis. Unkovic's dynamic writing style makes it hard to put down.

George Savarese

As an engineer who owns his own design firm, what I really appreciated was not only the analysis of how this mess was created, but also the forward-looking concepts that will be useful to any business owner in plotting out their strategic and tactical course changes over the next 5 to 10 years. I believe Mr. Unkovic truly has an excellent perspective on the global situation.

Rich Riggio

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Dennis Unkovic is a senior partner with the law firm of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP. He frequently briefs business executives, trade associations, and government leaders on high-profile issues, and negotiates complex commercial transactions, including international mergers and acquisitions.

He has authored, edited and contributed to numerous books, and written articles for domestic and international publications, including The Trade Secrets Handbook, published in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Serbo-Croatian, and The Art of Investing in America:  Secrets to Success, published in both English and Chinese. Dennis's recent books include Asia Ascending (November 2018) and America in the Mirror (August 2020).


His latest book, Transforming the Global Supply Chain, was published by Ankerwycke Publishing in August 2021.

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