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The Supply Chain is Not Going to Get Better: What Metalcasters Need to Know
The meeting topic, presented by attorney Dennis Unkovic (Meyer, Unkovic & Scott), is “The Supply Chain is Not Going to Get Better: What Metalcasters Need to Know.” Reshoring is critically important in this dangerous environment.

Over the past two years, Dennis has been a part of an ongoing webinar series for thousands of companies located in the US and overseas. He has presented his thoughts on the global supply chain to over five thousand attendees and viewers, including the Institute for Supply Chain Management.

ISM World 2022 - Mastering the Global Supply Chain, presented by Dennis Unkovic
Dennis Unkovic presents at the ISM World Impact 2022 conference, discussing how to cope with the global supply chain crisis. He covers the conditions that have led us to the current challenges, what to expect in 2022, what some of the underlying factors of the crisis are, and what will impact the future of business around the world.

How COVID-19 Will Trigger Global Supply Chain Realignment...And What To Do About It
Meyer, Unkovic & Scott International Law Partner Dennis Unkovic, along with David Iwinski, Jr., of Blue Water Growth LLC, discuss the ramifications of the COVID-19 virus on the global supply chain. Presented by The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh.

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